Tree Removal

Caring for Your Trees as if They Were Our Own

Tree removal can be done for a variety of reasons – to remove a dead, damaged or diseased tree, or to make way for new construction or prevent damage to a house. Tree removal can be a dangerous process, which is why we only hire qualified and experienced professionals to do the job. They have the proper equipment and training to safely remove trees of all sizes and types.

Our Process


Our team will talk through how they will bring down the tree safety and to minimize any damage to trees or plantings in the area. With the plan set, they will start executing the plan.


One of our team members will climb the tree and start preparing the tree for removal and start cutting away branches. Another team member will be on the ground directing the process and clearing away fallen pieces.


We clear branches and trunks as we work to create a safe environment for our workers. We haul it to the curb for grinding or put in the back of our truck. You have the option of us cutting it for firewood if you want it for a fireplace or fire pit. 


We leave your yard as we found it (often even more clean). We rake and blow as much as we can to make sure your property is safe for kids and pets, plus you don’t have to get out there and clean things up.

What Our Customers are Saying

Hannah and her team did an awesome job getting rid of old trees. I highly recommend them for any of your tree care needs. Great service and awesome price!”


The Emerald Ash Borer was found in the City of Boulder in 2013. It decimates trees and is predicted to kill all untreated ash trees.* It has been found in most of the Denver metro area. Talk to us about getting your ash tree treated to prevent infection. Learn more about how Denver is preparing at *Boulder city forestry dept.
Yes, we can grind out the stump. In almost all cases, it is bid at $10 per inch diameter. Some stumps are a little different, as they might be in planters, behind retaining walls or growing through fences.
All the branches get turned into mulch which in most cases goes straight to people’s gardens. The larger logs might end up as firewood or taken to a facility where they make fancy mulch that is sold in bags at the store.
You can! We have various options for what we can leave for you, but most of the time what we leave is a 8-12 yard pile of whatever happens to be in our truck.